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A rally near the Capitol

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1 The USA

8 months after the famous rally outside of the Capitol in Washington the police are preparing for a yet another demonstration by the Donald Trump supporters against the prosecution. A demonstration is planned for Saturday in support of the US citizens who will be tried for the last rally on January 6th, and the unauthorized entry into the Capitol building. The organizer of the new protest is a former employee of the Trump’s campaign team. The Donald Trump allies call the accused for the Capitol riots to be "political prisoners". The Republicans intend to take control of the Congress, and are trying to get involved in the election campaign.

2 Afghanistan

The Taliban have shut down at least 153 TV, radio, and print media outlets - the ’Tolo News’ TV reported while citing organizations, advocating for the freedom of journalism. Financial problems and the Taliban restrictions were called the main reason of the closure of the various media outlets. The representative of the Union of Afghan National Journalists, Masroor Lutfi, stated that if international organizations won’t help in solving the problem - very soon the freedom of the mass media and other civil liberties will come to an end in Afghanistan.

3 Russia - Pakistan

Vladimir Putin and the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, discussed the situation in Afghanistan and expressed their interest in coordination of the approaches of the two countries - the Kremlin press service reported. The telephone conversation of Vladimir Putin and Imran Khan took place on Tuesday. "Prospects of the development of the Russian-Pakistani relations in various matters were discussed as well" - the report concluded.

4 The USA

The RIA NEWS reported that the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken stated that the current US administration inherited from the previous administration the agreements with the Afghan Taliban, which left little room and time to maneuver. While speaking at the hearings in the Senate Anthony Blinken stated that the current US President, Joe Biden, got from Donald Trump "deadlines, not plans" to leave Afghanistan.

5 Syria

A US convoy with stolen oil and military equipment left the Syrian area of Al-Jazeera and went to Iraq via the illegal ’Al-valeed’ border crossing point in the Hasakah province - the ’SANA’ news agency reported. A convoy of 70 trucks, including oil tankers from the Syrian Al Jazeera, artillery, and other military vehicles, left the Syrian territory via the Al-valeed point, and headed to the US military bases in north of Iraq. The local sources in the Tel Khamis area reported that the US military helicopters delivered several of their servicemen to the Iraqi territory.

6 Russia

The presidents of Russia and Syria, Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad, met in the Kremlin - the TASS news agency reported. Vladimir Putin congratulated Bashar al-Assad on his birthday and on the good results in the presidential elections back in May. He added that some problems remain in Syria, such as the presence of the foreign troops without a permission from the authorities. He also expressed his hope that the joint efforts of Damascus and Moscow will help the Syrians to "get back on their feet". Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS.

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